SmokeStation - For Smokers. Non-Smokers. And Innovative Companies.
The SmokeStation provides the following benefits:
Effective precipitation of air pollution
> 96% with a particle size of 0.1 – 2.5 µ
> 90% with a particle size of 0.01 -1.0 µ
72% precipitation of organic gases [hydrocarbons]
High airflow [350 m3/h] with low power consumption[130W].  
No additional air exchange required, resulting in energy savings.  
Buildings or existing air-conditioning systems do not have to be modified.  
Pollen, house dust, etc. are also removed from the air.  
The CIRION precipitator is recycled and thus environmentally friendly.  
The illuminated advertising space can be leased out to lower costs [e.g. in public areas].  
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